You Can´t log on to a Windows Live service?

Many times we see comments to Log users about the fact that you can´t connect to a service or many services in special when talking about Windows Live.

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We may be a local network users or a net users, for example friends and family and someone can enter to MSN and the other not, or someone can´t access the Hotmail inbox and someone with a machine in the office next door can enter.

What happens in this case?

In this case or in many times Windows Live services are down, for certain regions or for certain types of user.

But don´t complain, there is a practical solution to verify that you don´t have the service due to a system crash by Windows and for know that wich was not our problem.

This online tool check is very good to webmaster for network administrators or for users who want to be certain that we have a little lost of your ADSL connection, they are not infected or discard any doubt.

To check the status of Windows Live connections, you can must enter to the tools bar of your web browser address:

We will see on the screen information about the connections of the last seven days

Clicking on option “see all the services” we can see if Microsoft had a problem with Windows services such as Sky drive, Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail, calendar, etc.
We have many options but he most common and easy is the word in green, which means that everything is OK.

The tool bar have another things which is a green check mark with a small letter i in blue, this means that the system was running most of the time but could have any problems somewhere, if we click on this green word  you can see daily notification error and its solution.

We take an example: November 15, Microsoft reported that at 8:27 pm some people were having problems accessing Hotmail. Then later at about 9:10 pm reporting the problem was solved.

If you had a problem this day, it may not were a virus, a spy robot, a bad internet connection, a problem with the internet provider or if you use bad the service or tool, actually was Microsoft who was struggling to deliver the service.

It is important that we as users know how to use tools notification  and control network access to Microsoft to see if the whole thing not have a problem.

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