How to make Yahoo account?

Yahoo Sign Up. In the last weeks we had made a series of articles in which we taught our readers how to create accounts in the main email platforms in the world.

And so, what remained was still teaching how to open a Yahoo account.

yahoo sign up

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For that reason, attending to the need or the taste of the users who want to have a user in Yahoo! Mail, as this e-mail platform is commonly called, is that we are going to make this article. The first thing to note about this is that on Yahoo’s official website, (to Sign up Yahoo) you’ll find a lot of other information, such as news, sports, games, cars, cinemas and many more.

And is that even when it is clear that Yahoo! Mail is not the most used e-mail platform in the world, we do not want to lose sight of it under any circumstances that is still really easy to use, and for that reason many prefer it. Yahoo e-mail offers us the possibility to send or receive files with complete security and privacy, so let’s teach you how to create an account.

Sign Up Yahoo Mail account

First of all, from our computer or mobile, we go to the browser of preference or the one that comes installed in the equipment, and we enter to the official web of Yahoo,

Next point, we have to look for the option Enter, which we can see that is located in the upper right corner of the screen

When we have entered, we will notice that a login screen appears, which is not useful at the moment, since we do not have an account yet. So let’s put it aside by selecting the Register option

When you arrive at this new screen, you will see that a form appears, in which you have to complete a series of fields with different information, and we recommend that you always add real data to avoid problems in the future, especially with regard to your personal phone number

When we have finished completing all the data, Yahoo will then send us a text message with a code directly to our phone to confirm that we are us, and for that reason the importance of the real number

Then we verify the code that has arrived at the phone, and we copy it in the corresponding box inside the website and we give to Verify

Just arrived at this point is when Yahoo will announce to us that we are able to start using our account in a satisfactory way, and that is when we can return to the initial screen from this link, to color our username and password, account

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