Windows Live Solution Center

It usually comes a time when we have to deal with some problems related to the use of Hotmail. Whenever this happens we can resort to Windows Live Solution Center to ask for help. The system is fast and reliable, and has proven to be highly effective in many circumstances.

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Windows Live Solution Center might also crash for various reasons.  Typically, this happens when many users are trying to get help related to the same issue at the same time.  When this is the case, all you need to have is a bit of patience until the system is restored and you’ll get the answer to your queries.

It might take between one or two working days for the problem to be resolved unless it is truly serious, or has occurred for the first time. It’s not possible, though, to state how long it can take for the issue to be fixed when this is of global proportions.

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  1. I left an e-mail open accidentally for a few hours and now i cannot open my account page. My computer shows a lock on the bottom right corner ?

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