Windows Live Minimizer

For those who installed the latest Windows Live Essentials package will have seen more than one application rather unknown or little known, one Windows Live Minimizer is an application especially designed to enhance the features of Windows 7.

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What is it?

Well basically a gadget that attaches to the toolbar of Microsoft Windows 7 in the notification area, more precisely, that part of the screen which shows the time, the volume icon and the network, good there.

Not to mention that this application is free and weighs only about 400 kb obviously approximate and can be executed from any PC.

Now why do we use? It is a mini application that maximizes power windows all Windows Live applications, there is no need to press ALT + TAB where windows appear in a sort of gallery as in Windows 7, just simply click on the icon in the notification area to choose the application you want Windows Live Essentials or the application window you want.

We will soon be reporting more applications for Windows Live Essentials.

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