Windows Live Hotmail

This is the original name of Hotmail email, but a lot of people don’t know, and internte have  hundreds similar web sit, for this reason some people are confuse because this web site was designed with similar graphic environment of the Hotmail home page, and it is necessary to know  all about Windows Live Hotmail.

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In a few words this is a free email service that allows us send and receive mails from an online platform, this service work like a virtual inbox.

This inbox is hard, easy to use, safe and reliable, to access to it we must to enter into the browser the following name:

When we speak organization, Windows Live Hotmail have all the awards, because it have an excellent systems for managing the email, for example we have the posibility to create folders and subfolders to save your messages or emails.

Also we can create filters, which we can send directly the email to the folder that you like, `for example an email from job or a coworker could go directly to the folder “job”.

Hotmail have very hard filters Its filters that even we can block or delete a sender, if someone bothers us, we have the possibility tell this problem to Hotmail and it from a certain domain Hotmail don’t want to receive emails. The domain is the follows after the

Another interesting and useful thing is the easy use of the operation, because is to easy register and create a Hotmail account and the most improtant, is free.

Also we have the function to send attachments  or files to 50 Mb each, and send up to 10 Gb by email.

Hotmail has an important service and antivirus software to detect spam, but in some cases some people think it is one of the poor points.

Many people complain about this, we have to remember that this is an application which in some cases don’t detect when an email is real or not.

Also it happens is that spammers, people who work send spam, and also they are more and more   professionals and are making it is not easy to the software to determine when an email was sent by a human or wath e mail is spamm or was sent by a program.

Another problem is the account hijacking. Where the hackers steal accounts to send spam, so we  suggest you change your password for a safe password, but if you don’t knows how to change the password you have a tutorial to teach him here.

Others of the features that have Windows Live Hotmail, Windows Live are Calendar, a useful calendar type program to create appointments, schedule, interviews, calls, etc.

Office 360, where we can look the documents online and a lot of application.
Enjoy the Hotmail now.

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