What is Windows Live Mesh?

Windows Live Mesh is a new tool from the Windows Live`s aplications package. Mesh is as an extended net,this idea looks for preserve the documents, photos, and more files that we work during the day in the PC.

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In this way Windows Live Mesh can synchronize these files directly from your house to the PC of your office, work or wherever.

You can send easily entire folders with documents, calculus` sheets, photos, even videos and presentations.

An association between Internet Explorer, Windows and Windows Live Mesh allows you to explore files at a distance, move them, copy them and even apply them attributes and permissions.

If you leave the PC of your office online, you could access to the desk through a remote software that allows you to control that desk from any PC.

Windows Live Mesh is the early answer to the necessity of the home cloud computing and for small business, you can create your own virtual disk, and complete system.

Imagine that you are on holiday and you remember that you have to update an Excel`s sheets or that you have to print a letter that is in the hard disk of another PC which is hundreds of miles of distance.

But that is not important enough, you can also controll, copy, move and modify files from a PC at the distance, directly from your cellphone.

With Windows Live Mesh you not only could access to those files but you could modify them totally and you could save them in both places.

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