What is the solution for the error 0 × 80040609 on Windows Live Beta Essential

Many Users that running Windows 7 in 64-bit when open seen an error on your Windows Live Messenger beta when during the installation, the dialog box displays the following error: 0 × 80040609.

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When we trying to install Windows Live Essentials 2011 beta on Windows 7 64-bit the error problems start when the platform is not optimized.

Now we have two solutions to this problem, the first is the following:

First of all you must check the computer’s firewall if it s enabled, if you do not know how to enable it do the following.

Go to Start, then go to the Control Panel, the option Security System, and finally double-click Windows Firewall.
If this off, just click to activate

The second option is to solve the issue would be through the elimination entries related to the database of Windows Installer.
For solve this problem, we can help you with a tool such as Windows Installer Clean Up Utility

When the application starts you will see all the Microsoft products was installed, and then we have to select all the entries related to the word Windows Live.

Is important that you delete the entries related to the messenger, for it you can click on the Remove button.

Once you close the program, you should restart the computer for the changes to do the change.

Unfortunately you will need to download the Windows Live Essentials package

If you don´t understand how to solve this problem, you can send an email to jimenalasarte@hotmail.com

Windows Installer Clean Up Utility

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