Tips to limit the unauthorized access to personal information in Windows Live Hotmail

The strange people who visit to our personal information in Windows Live Hotmail is very common in the cyberspace, for this reason we must be careful with the information we use in our social networking pages or other kind of pages, and pay attention to the following advice that I’ll give you to keep you a bit more sure of those malicious surfers.

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Tips to limit the unauthorized access to personal information in Windows Live Hotmail

The most important thing in these cases is that the password for Windows Live Hotmail is if this are more secure is less presumable that strange people look the our information, for this we should consider the use of letters, numbers and punctuation with a minimum of 6 characters and a maximum 16, obviously the more extensive is our password we have a big protection, although this also must be easy to remember, we also suggest using spaces or special characters. Avoid using easily detectable dates such as birthdays, anniversaries or phone numbers. The use of case and minuscule is recognized by the program, so we remember well the words that were changed.

We must look to change our password sometimes and if we receive e-mails to our Windows Live Hotmail and which ask our password we should not reply it, when we save your passwords and accounts on the computer is risky because we help to enter our databases. You should consider to keep a different password for each site in which you have access to your personal information.

If we use shared computers we should be careful with our contact lists from the Windows Live Hotmail or Windows Live Messenger, to prevent this from happening do the following steps:

* On our home page we go to MSN and then we go to the tools and after that we go to the options
* After that we must do click in privacy and then on this computer is shared for this reason I don´t like to be displayed in my chips and select the check boxes that do not want to store our address books, display pictures or wallpapers.

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