The new hotmail help Unicef

The most important organization to care children UNICEF has proposed a new rpoyect a new free market in conjunction with, given the increasing to lot of users for Hotmail accounts, this has created recently in wich you can find the user name that you always wanted. This project called Free Market has proposed auctioning off some bills, it in the future have been the most sought.

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This project and his auction is a great manner to help children by UNICEF and raise funds for this project, the auction is give money to UNICEF by account with you user name on the list, if I awarded the account, the money offered will immediately go to the web site of UNICEF .

If you like to participate in this project, you can offer an account of free market, and then you can register by entering your information if you are already registered, and then you must enter your username and password and give the amount of money you want to get your account and help the children of UNICEF .

If are interested in the project, you can ask for information in the following web site and want to copy part of this post in your blog LINK U.S.! The charge is free.

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