Benefits of Hotmail Plus

As many of the people know the Hotmail service is free, but this does not mean that hotmail don´t have another versions.

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The free version of Hotmail, a free Hotmail account small, have with several limitations if we compared to Hotmail Plus account, it have many services and also several features more better than the simple version, which will see below.

The most important in the Premium version is that we have an extra things, the service is personalized about the issue and in the cleaning and filter spam.

The use is very easy, the protection and the performance is much faster, but what are the real differences between the Hotmail Plus account and the Hotmail ordinary?

First of all, you can look it without advertising. Hotmail Plus we don´t have advertising, ads and offers, wich is one of the most annoying thing that the free version of Hotmail have but no the Premium account.

Second, have more space. The most important idea of the premium account is to give the service that the people needs, also with more space to a corporate account, with more space for the emails that we sent to and received, for this reason the storage space currently includes 10 GB and it will rise.

Third, the account don´t expire. In many cases you have known that someone had an expired account, unfortunately this person lost your account or post office because they don´t log on to This happens when we after a large period of time, for example 30 days without going to Hotmail and which happens is the account is temporarily blocked and after that time we can open this account again, we will reset it but unfortunately we lose the post.

After 270 days without activity the account can be eliminated by Microsoft.

With the Premium version which will not happen.

Fourth, mail forwarding. We can redirect all the email that you want to this account, from Microsoft or not.

Is not important the server that you use, can be free as you own domain, with Hotmail Plus! We will don’t have problems, you can go to central administration of Windows Live and ask for more information about how to do this process.
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