The Hotmail`s themes

Like Gmail, Hotmail counts with a Collection of themes to personalize the graphic aspect of our inbox online folder.

A theme is, basically a combination of colours with bright designs, it could have some image regarding something, in summarize, a mere decoration.

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But the idea, is not to focusing on what a theme is, but in enjoying, as that is the essence of the internet 2.0, personalize y going on  personalizing.

The hotmail`s inbox counts with 12 standard themes and 6 dynamic ones, all of them could be changed by you in every moment in a very easy way.

How to change a Hotmail`s theme

Login in Hotmail

Do a click over your name to be shown (at the top right)


You will see a down menu with a miniature sight of the themes, sellect the one you like the more, you will see that your inbox folder sight configuration changes inmediately.

If you want to see more themes for Hotmail, do a clic over the name to be shown again and follow the link More themes.
Doing this you will open the window Themes.

On the window Themes you will see two theme`s categories, the standard themes and the dynamic ones, the first ones are very beautifull combinations of colours, where you sure will fin done that you like it, the difference with the dynamic ones is that theese ones, as the word says “dynamic”, they count with movement and animations.

Besides that, the dynamic themes count with other much more complex options, as for example if we select your location, the theme will show in a section, information related to the weather, news, etc.

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