The Hotmail inbox (Step by step)

After that you had created your hotmail account you can look the access hotmail inbox.
If you don’t have a hotmail e-mail, you can register through

Using the Inbox.

You can sign in your Hotmail account using your email and password. In the past when you can sign you could go directly to your inbox, but now Hotmail show us the advent of social networks, and hotmail offers the preview updates.

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You can go also  to another page you can look a page with the more important about Facebook, Twitter or MySpace, but if you want, you can go directly to your favorite social network.
If you like to go to your inbox, please you must to follow the Hotmail link

Pass to the classical view of a traditional inbox.

While all email systems for free or not, the programs on line are different, because it follow some basic structure, but if you already use some online mail for example, or will be very similar.

The idea is to divide the things in structures, in addition, you can manage it through hyperlinks.
On the left of the screen you will have the Folders, this folders is to stored emails, in the main input tray, and then you can look the options Sent, Drafts, Junk, Deleted.

In your inbox, you can read messages and the unread messages, and an envelope show us their status. In the option e-mails sent you will be the sent messages to your contacts. In Read only the see emails.

In the folder Drafts will be the emails that you started writing but  for one reason or another you diden’t finish sending, but you have been a technical problem or for example you need to send an attachment that you don’t had, in any case  can resume the draft  mails and also the send mail.

In the folder “Junk” e-mails you will have  the Microsoft Filter categorized as spam
, advertising, annoying people, bullying or unimportant.

The folder Eliminated are finally in the emails you decided to send Recycle Bin, for example they are in case that you need to retrieval. If you definitely want to purge have the option to permanently delete.

If you want to recover it you has the option Restore, but remember the trash is emptied automatically every ten days.

In the center of the inbox you can look the e mails have been sent.

In the Yellow color with an envelope, is to identificate the mails that you read. Furthermore, its subject or title is highlighted in bold. The option Read are the emails and an envelope with the color white and an open envelope icon.
To read a mail to read and unread, you must to click on the envelope or on the title page  that is to viewing your e-mail.

This will have three key things. One of them in the side is to shown who sent the mail. The Second and third thing is a text box where the message itself.

You can see another important information like a time of arrival of that mail, below you will look a small arrow, with it you have the possibility to assign many things in your mail for example:

Reply to All (if it has been for example a string)
Delete (will recycle bin)
Junk Mail
Mark unread ( will cause a read mail appears as not Read)
Delete all of the sender e mails (deleted the e-mail and all that
from the same sender)
Print Message
View the source of the message (you can see the mail in HTML format)
Show details (you can look details slike a email address email the sender and the date and time the message was sent)

Learn all about the hotmail inbox. Your details, as use folders, the icons and more. Learn all about hotmail.


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