The best and the worst thing of hotmail

In last years he left us a lot of things, an interesting year related to the advances in the computer technology and internet.

We made a little compilation of the best and worst of Hotmail in the year 2010, and also we leaving them a greeting to all our readers who follow us since we start this blog.

Top 5 Best Tutorialss:


Upgrade to Wave 4

Hotmail reach, but little by little, improve their updates in speciall the interface and graphics of the inbox that was incorpore new technologies for example  Active View, despite the time and the custommers to adapt to this new graphic, the reaction of the users was good.

The Best thing of all was the inclusion of the social networking notifications and information in the email for example Facebook.

This thing makes the e mail much more dynamicand quickly, also hotmail was incorporates an  icon in the webmessenger inbox that allows you communicate and chat with your friends in the social network Facebook.

The thing like smart filters because they were also a strong and important point, many companies had long been calling a change.

The storage space is another of the most improtat thing that wa created, we can with it upload up to 10 GB of pictures and also if you like upload other files you can, and upload a single item up to 25 Mb

The pictures, videos and files also can be played from within the inbox even entire albums can be uploaded and stored in another folders the subfolders.

Not so good points, because had mistakes

After the first launched, some people look some mistakes in the operation, in especial in the online messenger.

It was naormally that it became slow, and for this reason the people chose don’t use it, in the last month in the beginning it was a good idea, also it had some problems with authentication od the user, because when the user go to the Hotmail account and also open the Messenger online the contacts that the user had previously opened in another session, however these mistakes have been solved.

Security improvements

On of the most important that Microsoft have is reach reduce the spam, also now with the SmartScreen security filters this task is more easy, the trust that Hotmail users have with hotmail is hard, because their filters have always responded well.

Although there are always attacks with hackers on Hotmail email, the security of these is increasingly and hard.

Interactivity in the e-mails

All the people know that it was the big news of the year, to interact in your online email directly in the inbox of your e mail, it was a big step and service to Hotmail, because the people commented about it, it is very important because risk the continuity of Hotmail.

The competition is hard, but Microsoft think for convince the users stay in Hotmail, one of the features like Active View allow us to enjoy and look the photo galleries, videos and animations or pictures.

In a few words it is the incorporation of a new lenguage the Java Script in your inbox, however this could be a little dangerous, because in some cases people reported cases of phishing since Java is an extremely powerful and can have malicious software in the videos and image.

But they are only a few incidents, but now the best option is activate the option interactive view only if you know the sender.

We hope that this 2011 will bring us more fun things like that we can look over the 13/14 years with Hotmail, we know that Login in Hotmail is always ready to bring you the best information and news applicatios of the world’s in the best service e-mail.

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