The auto links of Windows Live Mail

Now we will show a new feature of Windows Live Mail 2011  his Beta 2 version, this particular characteristic is one of the tools that the new Windows Live Writer have.

So, the trick is if we can bring up this feature because it is hidden, for this manner we maximizing the work of this application to profit from the automatic hyperlinks.

For people that use Windows Live Writer, we will look of the auto link, it can create direct links to document sections or in some cases to external links in an automatically manner.

The thing is that Windows Live Mail have this function or feature, but it is hidden, there is only now we see how to use this tool in a directly aid also you can use it for the people who work like a bloggers, writers, editors, translators, etc.

How to enable this auto link in Windows Live Mail 2011 Beta 2

First of all we will go to menu Options, and then the option Automatic Links, if you have it installed in English version, you can go to menu Options and after that  Automatic Linking

Here we will see that depending on the conditions that the document was created, will created automated external links to friends sites, documents on your PC or any other URL or web site that you want.

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