TBot Translator, the friend robot in the Messenger

Tbot is a friend robot online that will always be next to you. Really it is like a character made by Microsoft to help you with translations in real time.

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As for example to add Tbot to the Messenger and it automatically translates you what you wrote in whatever languaje.

The good point is that with Tbot you can practice languages, which turn it to a rich educational tool.

To can count with Tbot you just have to add the address mtbot@hotmail.com to your Messenger`s contacts and that is all, automatically you will see  Tbot ready to chat as it were one other friend.

Tbot was launched as a prototype in the 2008 and it reached a great popularity from that moment on,but regrettable it did not have as much impact in the latin american market, but it was launched for the anglospeakers and asiatic users.

Nowadays Tbot is fited out for all areas and it is one of the best ways of translating phrases,learning languages and even having fun for a while.


As we said you just have to add mtbot@hotmail to your Messenger`s contacts.
That is all, then you are ready to start to chat with Tbot, you can open a conversation`s window and that is all.

We show you some tricks:

Tbot lang – it shows the current languages that are being written
Tbot change – it selects a language from your translation`s list
Tbot stop – It stops the translations
Tbot set – to make some configurations in the language that it is translating
Tbot detect – It detects the text`s language
Tbot ? –It shows the list of commands

One of the new characteristics of this year is that you can access to Tbot from your Windows Live Messenger in your cellphone,in this way you could translate phrases fast and easily directly from your smartphone.

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