One of Hotmail’s new functionalities is that Windows Live users can link their account to Linkedin, and have their Hotmail’s address book sync with that of  Linkedin.

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This service automatically detects duplicate contacts so that they are properly organized. Linkedin updates will be directly shared in Windows Live in case we decide to opt for this option, or viceversa.

Windows Live updates will be sent to and shared in Linkedin.

These functions are completely customizable. When we access Linkedin from Windows Live we can set what information to share and which we prefer not to.

From the inbox of, you can go to a section of the MSN portal to search a new car, for example change the old car, or look what is in the cars market.

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At the top of the inbox of you can look many options, the latter says “MSN“, this option is the link that opens the box options of the MSN portal, also we can look the option to see “Autos” , this options go to news portals, games and more things.

MSN Autos is known like MSN Cars, it is a website that allows us to search cars published on the market, also you can find the car that you are looking.

Only you must to click on MSN Cars, and then go to the portal. Continúa leyendo has placed at our disposal a battery of possibility with the new version, for example, now we can share easily yours photos, so we can send you our friends a photo album of a wedding, sharing photos or sending funny picture.

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The steps are:
Go to
Login with username and password
Go to “Photos” and without clicking select “Share photos”Continúa leyendo

Microsoft is making much addvertising about all the new thing that it have for the new year but we have a lot of new applications that it are more confused to us and also it are confused too with their performance.

What do you think if we will look that What you can do with your Hotmail calendar.

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The calendar is not just a beatiful thing that we can look the weather,  is not exactly this thingbecause is a complete reporting center in which we can read the lectures, notes, phone calls, text messages, and things like that.Continúa leyendo