Now to have all your email`s accounts in only one place is easier than ever.
Imagine you are in the office and you need to use your personal email, or that you are at home enjoying of your family and you need to open the company`s mail, but you have to let open your personal email because you are chatting from the web messenger.

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How complete it is!!!, but nowadays`s life is like this, we can be in the msn, in skype, chatting, uploading photos and sharing everything at the same time.

To make us our day lightly, hotmail help us to save time, for that reason it developed a technology that allows us to see and access to many mail accounts being they from gmail or from Yahoo without the need of loging out our hotmail`s mail.

How can I have more than an account linked to my hotmail?Continúa leyendo

Tbot is a friend robot online that will always be next to you. Really it is like a character made by Microsoft to help you with translations in real time.

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As for example to add Tbot to the Messenger and it automatically translates you what you wrote in whatever languaje.

The good point is that with Tbot you can practice languages, which turn it to a rich educational tool.Continúa leyendo

Do you want to send a comment about your product to Microsoft Hotmail?

Maybe you need answers to any questions, for example you can not log into hotmail, or that your mail hotmail is blocked, can not remember your password. Or more technical things like you can not setup hotmail in Thunderbird.

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Good a reason to complain, comment or suggestion you can communicate directly with people from Microsoft to make us your questions or comments.

How to send a comment to Microsoft hotmail?

In the footer you will see a link says Comments
The home page of comments is always in English, in the footer of this site can change the language.

Then we will see a list of all the products associated with Windows Live, and Windows Live Mail, Live @ edu, Windows Live Hotmail, Windows Live SkyDrive, anti spam filter, etc.
If you have to do a consultation on hotmail, please click on the link:

Windows Live Hotmail

Then a window will open with a query form.

There may send comments, suggestions, complaints or occurrences that have about hotmail.

Once we fill the form click the submit button, the good thing about this is that we can comment anonymously without having to be initiated before the session hotmail. is very confident that enabled users for this service, many of the characteristics of email are edited, altered, or removed due to the strong pressure exerted by the users …. If you have something to say, do it.