Recently, Hotmail made a pretty nifty new tool for managing e-mail and Windows Live profile all in one place. The tool is called “Alias” and that’s how it works:

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We joined our hotmail account. In the Input option you will see that by passing the cursor over a different color appears and the icon of a gear, well, hotmail has added options there. Click on the entry and see the following menu.

The process of creating an alias is simple, just click on the Alias option and once there you put a name that identifies you such as your name or a pseudonym.

How is this different from creating a new hotmail email account?

Are different things, you can have an alias or not, and can have a hotmail account. You can have as many email accounts you want and do not have aliases. The alias is like a common denominator, or rather a concatenation tool that allows us to combine the accounts.
Imagine for a moment that we have:

The personal email account
An account of work
An email from the school that is not hotmail
A couple of accounts but are not official

With the alias, we can unite all these accounts and control all from a single inbox without losing the independence of the other accounts.

With hotmail you can answer everyone right away. Imagine that you are about to leave work and you have to send notifications of the last meeting but you also have to send an email to your personal friends, do not waste time with the alias you can do all of the same mailbox.

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Windows Live Mesh is a new tool from the Windows Live`s aplications package. Mesh is as an extended net,this idea looks for preserve the documents, photos, and more files that we work during the day in the PC.

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In this way Windows Live Mesh can synchronize these files directly from your house to the PC of your office, work or wherever.

You can send easily entire folders with documents, calculus` sheets, photos, even videos and presentations.Continúa leyendo

Windows Live Messenger PlayGround is a web site property of Microsoft Corporation devoted to the online training.

Inside the hall we can find tens of games, scenes for our Messenger, avatars, emoticons, as also some news.

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Everything absolutly free.

The most distinguished is that we can download and install easily animated scenes for our messenger making the chat with friends much more funny. We can also create a dynamic scene with the style WeeMee or download an avatar Meego, which are animated avatars for Messenger.

If you want to have fun playing, downloading scenes or animated avatars you can visit Messenger PlayGround.


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How can we find an e- mail in the Hotmail inbox folder?

When we have a few e-mails in our Hotmail inbox folder, it is very easy to find it. But for people who have hundreds of e-mails a day, owing to work or study activities, it is difficoult to find an e-mail in particular.

Lets imagine the hypothetical sitution that we need all the e-mails sent by a person, in the inbox folder we have hundreds, or thousands of e-mails, and this person has sent us e-mails for months.

How can we do to find these e-mails specifically?

Luckily, Hotmail has a powerful e-mail searcher, that allows us to fin dan email easily.

In the inbox folder, you will see that in the top there is a box that says “search e-mail”, and has a magnifying glass and Bing`s logo.Continúa leyendo

Now to have all your email`s accounts in only one place is easier than ever.
Imagine you are in the office and you need to use your personal email, or that you are at home enjoying of your family and you need to open the company`s mail, but you have to let open your personal email because you are chatting from the web messenger.

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How complete it is!!!, but nowadays`s life is like this, we can be in the msn, in skype, chatting, uploading photos and sharing everything at the same time.

To make us our day lightly, hotmail help us to save time, for that reason it developed a technology that allows us to see and access to many mail accounts being they from gmail or from Yahoo without the need of loging out our hotmail`s mail.

How can I have more than an account linked to my hotmail?Continúa leyendo

Now you can edit Office, Word, Excel, and OneNote documents, Power Point slides, etc. from using Office WebApps.

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Follow these steps to edit documents from Hotmail:

1.      Login to your Hotmail or Windows Live account.

2.      Click on the Menu Tab “Office” at the top or go to

3.      Click “EDIT” from your browser.

4.      Now we edit the documents and click on “Save”.