Innovation in Windows Live Hotmail

People of Hotmail is never quiet, they are always trying to bring you the best to let you have the best, for you to have the best email service of the world.

Now, into the innovations there are incorporated new social tools, but before going on we want you to see the comparative chart that show the advantages of Hotmail in front of other services as Gmail and Yahoo! Mail

But first lets see the characteristics in the inbox.

to create subfolders

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: Yes / Yahoo: No

to change the account name

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: No / Yahoo: No

to use directions plus

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: Yes / Yahoo: No

to monnitor from the email

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: No / Yahoo: No

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to search and insert results without leaving the email

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: Yes / Yahoo: No

Size of the attached files

Hotmail: 25 mb / Gmail: 25 mb / Yahoo: 25 mb

to use many email addresses to log in your account

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: No / Yahoo: No

Now we move on comparing the adventages in the social aspect, lets see how well can integrate Hotmail to the social networks and how behave the other services.

to see photos and videos in your email

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: Yes / Yahoo: No

chat in Facebook

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: No / Yahoo: No

to send photos through an online album

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: No / Yahoo: No

And on seccurity? Many people say that Hotmail is not as safe as Gmail and yahoo, will be it like this?

to use HTTPS to make the email session safer

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: Yes / Yahoo: No

to create passwords of only one use

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: No / Yahoo: No

to see the reliable senders in your inbox

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: Yes / Yahoo: Yes

to use a reliable equipment to get back your account

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: No / Yahoo: No

It is to highlight that some of these characteristics are not still available in all regions.

However we clearly see that Hotmail is one of the emails leader in innovation.

It counts with unique security systems,that allow to incorporate easily the social networks even Facebook`s chat. It also allows to have many accounts associated to the same inbox.

Comparative chart between Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo. We will discover that Hotmail has more tools and it is safer.

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End with the junk mail in your inbox

How difficult is to have our inbox ordered!, now with`s help, your inbox will looks much more organized, free and with an interface much easily to use.

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What makes possible this is the incorporation of:

SmartScreen that allows to maintain the spam in the border line and delete and mark suspicious mails.
To see and filter messages in a fast way.
A function of sweeping for the spam. Read More

How to Share photos from Hotmail Using SkyDrive

Now we can share our photos from a Windows Live Hotmail account using Windows Live Skydrive in a very simple way.

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Our family and friends can watch our photos slide shows from SkyDrive without using space from our Inbox –as you might well know, photos do take up a lot of space.

To share photos on SkyDrive follow these steps:

1. Create a new message.
2. Write your email address and subject.
3. Click on “Photos”, and then on New album in SkyDrive.
4. Select the photos you want to create an album with, and then click on “Open”, and Hotmail will upload and save the photos to SkyDrive.
5. Last write a message, and once you’re done click on “Send”.

Access Hotmail Help without Closing Hotmail’s Page

It is a well-known fact that Microsoft free email service has a global site which provides support to users where hundreds of answers to common questions on a wide variety of topics can be found.  It also has tips, useful information, and tutorials.

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The customer support page can be accessed from within Hotmail’s Inbox, but the problem is users are taken away from Hotmail’s page to a new one, instead of having a new browser window opened. Read More

Go Directly to Your Hotmail Inbox

Now you can skip the news by going directly to you Hotmail Inbox. This will definitely save you time. Here’s what you need to do:

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1. Log in to your Hotmail account (write your username and password).
2. Then go to the Hotmail Homepage.
3. Click on your username on the right- upper corner.
4. Click on the OPTIONS tab.
5. Select “More Options” from the drop down menu.

6. Click on “Customize your mail”. Read More

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