Spam in Yahoo Messenger with intelligence test

Trend Micro has detected spam messages to spread through Yahoo Messenger and like a chat with contacts to send a false test of intelligence. If you click, you access a page that have ask you many questions and finally asks for a mobile number to receive the results of the test.

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But the true is that all this is a hook for SMS subscriptions, a think like a what we said yesterday with the software downloads. For U.S. carriers the cost of the messages are between 10 and $ 20 per month.

Why arrive this kind of spam? There are two possible reasons, one is that the user’s computer is infected, the other thing is that your account is being used by a fraudulent service that ever asked the password, such as sites to know “who supports you.”

Remember to use caution when you click on links and use your access data only in the official website or really are safe, if you have any doubt you know you can go through the forum and view.

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