Solution to error when we logged on with Windows Live Messenger 2010 Beta

For many users, the beta version of Windows Live Messenger 2010 is not safe and don´t have mistakes. However many users have problems when they logging on.

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But Microsoft is known to exist, and they say it problem is for the cache of contacts.

If you are interested in solving it, first of all you have to close the wlcomm.exe msnmsgr.exe processe, after that we will change the configuration of windows explorer for show the hidden files and folders, and the extensions too.

Now we have to delete the contacts folder of Windows Live. That is in the next route.

C: Users username AppData Local Microsoft

Also is necessary to remove the things that are in C: Users username Contacts

Already done! Now your WLM 2010 should work perfectly. (If this are the problem.)

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