Solution to error 80040154 or 80040111 Messenger

A few minutes ago I made a formatting in my computer and when I install Windows Messenger showed me the famous error “Could not log into Windows Live Messenger as the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later… Error Code: 80040154.” The solution is very easy and does not require reinstallation of Messenger.

Solution for the 80040154 error

To fix this error Messenger, there are three solutions. All of them, affected to a problem of installing Windows Live Messenger.

Solution 1: Register DLL Library

When you install Messenger, is registered to a DLL called Microsoft XML, an XML language interpreter is required to start Messenger.

This does not happen often because of some installation problem for example some application are locked, or simply to spend an unexpected error occurred that prevented the registration of the library.

To correct this, we will go to Start, then Run on your keyboard or simply press Win + R and paste there:

REGSVR32% windir% system32 msxml3.dll

Windows should respond with a message like “DllRegisterServer succeeded in C: Windows system32 msxml3.dll..” Try to login again. If not, go to Solution 2.

Solution 2: Reinstall MSXML completely

If the previous step don´t work, try reinstalling the MSXML support. Go to this address and after that download the executable named msxml3.msi.

Install it and let it do this job. Close Windows Live Messenger completely and then open it again and try to log. If not work, try the next step.

Solution 3: Reinstall the contact system Windows Live Messenger

The Error messages also should be to a bad installation of Windows Live Contacts, the MSN service for have your contact list from the internet and add in Messenger for talk to them.

To reinstall, you don´t need to download Windows Live Messenger again, with the number of megabytes you’ll need to wait, if not, you can download the Windows Live Contacts executable from this address and then install like any program. You should see a progress bar just disappears after a few seconds.

Once it happened, close the messenger and then open it again. That should have corrected the problem.

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