Social updates in Hotmail

Hotmail had added one of the best characteristic that a mail could have nowadays, it has to do with filter that only shows the social updates

Like that we could filter in a practic and quick way all the messages that we have in our inbox which are notifications from a social net.

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As an example, commentaries from Facebook, publications on the wall, sheared photographs from My Space, new commentaries in LinkedIn or tweets from Twitter.

How to do it ?
Quite, but quite easy, in the top part of the inbox folder, You will see some links, one of them says “Social Updates”
If you click over the that link, all the messages that you can have in your inbox folder which are related with a social net will appear automatically.

Now, there are some tips to clarify:

In a predetermined way , only will appear all the e-mails from social updates which haven`t been readen

Besides that, only will appear those which are in the inbox folder, but not those which are in other folder as for example SPAM

If we have created a filter to send all the notifications from Facebook or other social net to undesired mail, due to the fact that they are a lot, we should restore those and mark them as secure mail.

To tell the trut, Social updates is a very practical filter, which is used by a lot of people, besides that it was a filter done by popular request in users.

Hotmail gave as a solution this powerful filter, in which only one click lets us be in front of whatever that happens in our online social world.

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