Shortcuts methods for use Hotmail with the keyboard

For that our connection will go more faster and growing quickly, in the next steps I’ll give you some shortcuts for using our Hotmail email with the help of your keyboard:

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Shortcuts methods for use with the keyboard Hotmail

* Delete of the message: Delete
* Message creation : Ctrl N
* Posting message: Ctrl Enter
* Open message: Ctrl Shift O
* Reply message: Ctrl R
* Respond to all the message: Ctrl Shift R
* Message Forwarding: Ctrl Shift F
* Mark spam: Ctrl Shift J
* Mark unread messages: Ctrl U
* To move to a folder: Ctrl Shift V
* Open the following message: Ctrl.
* Open the above message: Ctrl,
* To go to the inbox: F and then I
* To go to Drafts: F and then D
* To go to sent messenge: F and then S

I hope these short forms is helpful for use in our Windows Live Hotmail, you find it useful and facilitate your access to your email account.

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