Share photos with hotmail has placed at our disposal a battery of possibility with the new version, for example, now we can share easily yours photos, so we can send you our friends a photo album of a wedding, sharing photos or sending funny picture.

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The steps are:
Go to
Login with username and password
Go to “Photos” and without clicking select “Share photos”

This will open a window where you see the photo albums we have created, in case you want to create a new photo album we can do the first icon that says “New Album” and the icon is a yellow folder with a star is the option to create a new album.

Clicking on this button, we create a new album, in case you want to share an album that was created earlier this should appear below with the name you assigned.

Create a new album.

Click on the icon of “New Album” and then assign a name, in this case we have put summer.

The folder was created then we go to the section where the photos went up, the coach of photos is very practical because can selected various pictures at time pressing control or shift as we click.

Once you have selected photos, click on “Continue”
The photos appear in a gallery, now you can share the album with friends, coworkers, family, or entire network.

Everything depends on the level of privacy that you assigned to your hotmail account and Windows Live Messenger, as new albums can be shared directly from the messenger.

You can also share the album creating a link.

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