Share documents with your friends through Hotmail

Exchange documents with friends, and revise them whenever you want, is one of the new service offers Hotmail users, if you are new to Hotmail and want to know more about this exciting service, Here are the steps that you must take to use hotmail Documents.

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Through the next steps, you can upload and share information with the contacts that you choose.

The first thing to do is log on Hotmail.

Next, choose the Office Menu. This is located in the top left of your screen.

The first thing you should do before starting the documents exchange, is to select the contacts that you want to have access. For that, you must click in the option Add People.

In the bottom of the screen appear a many of social services in which you can choose contacts. Start by selecting the service that you like. We will explain the steps with MySpace.

Then select from the options that you have and click Login with MySpace.

Write the information of your MySpace account and you click in the option Continue.

In the next box, select the option Continue.

The system automatically returns you to the home page. From there you can select the MySpace contact to share your documents with the people that you like.

To do this, enter the name of your friends and click in the option Next.

On the next page, to write in the mail from your friend and click in the option Invite.

That’s it. In thepage you look the message Your invitation has been sent. Now you can continue by select your contacts.

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