Setup hotmail on a Samsung Star

Using hotmail on a smartphone is fascinating, more if you use one of the most modern phones there, but are continually launching new smartphones, but the Star is worthy of being one of the best of times.

This mobile device allows web browsing via WAP 2.0 and Java features which makes interfaces can install web applications running, obviously one of the best features is the ability to use hotmail on the phone.

Once we set up our Hotmail email, mobile phone allows us to take everything with us, from our messages, appointments, calendar and contacts of course.

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In the Star can read, editor and to delete messages that arrive in your Hotmail account in a fast, safe and fun.

Let’s see how to set up Hotmail on a Samsung Star

Step one
Log into our Hotmail email account
We go to the Options menu
Then we click where it says Registration Information
In Country: United States
State: Florida
Postal Code: 33101
Time Zone: Eastern Time – EST
Save the changes

Step two
In mobile, we’ll go where it says messages, email, edit account

Account Name: Whatever you want
SMTP server:
SMTP Port: 25
Secure connection: TLS
Incoming server type: pop3
Pop3 server:
Pop3 port: 995
Login APOP: not checked
Secure connection: SSL
Download limit: 300
Recovery option: normal
The e-mail:
Password: password of your e-mail
Pop before smtp: do not mark
SMTP Authentication: must be marked
POP3/IMAP4: must be marked
Save the changes
Ok, if you did everything right then you will already enjoy the virtues of Hotmail on your mobile.

Iif you can not connect your Hotmail account on mobile phone please send a comment.

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