Setting Outlook and Thunderbird Mail Serves Correctly

Not that we are disclosing a big secret or anything like that when we point out that Hotmail email service is one of the easiest to use, and the one which has more features.

It’s also true that most users access the service online, that is from a web page.

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However,  Hotmail can also be accessed to from a desktop app specifically created for this purpose.

Most of you must surely have heard the terms “Outlook” and “Thunderbird”.  These  apps have been created for the same purposes but by different provides to allow users to have total control over their emails in the computers.

Now, even though both apps have similar functions, they do not work in exactly the same way. Consequently you might have difficulties while setting them up. Simply put, Outlook’s configuration is different from that of Thunderbird’s.

It is quite useful to know that setting process of the incoming and outgoing mail server  is slightly different in Mozilla Thunderbird.

In Outlook you only need to configure the server in this way

Incoming mail:
Outgoing mail:

In Mozilla Thunderbird  the configuration is the same

Incoming mail:
Outgoing mail:

The only difference is that you just need to make sure the port number is 995 or higher.

You might have been looking for a solution for the denied access to your email account from Mozilla, and you can fix it now that you know this data about the port.

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