Set the view the list of the Messenger contact

The new Windows Live Messenger has different views to “see” users (forgive the redundancy). They are the “View Complete or Full”, and “the view compact or classic.”

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Complete or Full View – Special for those who use social networks

In this view you will be in contact with users of social networks with a “social board.” And here an example image (MSN has news, social games and games like as Xbox LIVE)

Compact view- Special for users of classic Windows Live Messenger

For the people who don’t like the social networks, and want to talk to your contacts from the IM service, as look in the image that we all know.

The compact view can be extended to a scale of two columns

Also Messenger has become more intelligent, now remember your tastes, sites, etc. And you can set the start of the window, when you want to organize this sector appear different reports. (This makes it 100% flexible)

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