Recover an account that has been hacked

The most impottant is don’t panic, because the accounts can be retrieved, if in the case that you have an Hotmail e mail account has been hacked, we give you the step or a little tutorial to learn how to do if you hotmail e mail account have been hacked.

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If you know that your Hotmail e mail account have been hacked, you must to do the following to recover the account.

First of all you must check that you have a virus on your system, one of the solution is try with powerful systems like as Avira, Avast or Zone Alarm because they are free.

Also Microsoft has a free antivirus, if you are interested to download click here.

Yiu can use also a tool like a spyware removal or malicious software, for example Spybot Search and Destroy or use the Microsoft tool.

After that you eliminate any virus in your PC, you must to do the following steps.

From your Hotmail account, you have to click where are your name and then click when say options, there is up to the Change Password option.

If you like to do directly, you must access this link:

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