Protecting children in Hotmail

Undoubtedly the most vulnerable users on the Internet are kids, so the protection of these Internet should be a key issue for parents and households, not because it is an issue that must not know much let it go, it’s true generational digital divide that exists, therefore even children can better manage Internet than their parents, but not so these (parents) should stop providing protection in a virtual world is not going to lie, same hazards as the real world.

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Hotmail, who always thinks their users in this new version developed new filters that allows for better control of what kids do, for example, prevent access to certain sites based on keywords, we can also block a particular domain or send email conversations and they have to our mail.
As parents have the duty and obligation to protect our children from cyber threats, Microsoft provides the tools we will use our point and decision.

In other news Hotmail is expected to soon launch a new virus more quickly and efficiently you can analyze the real-time post.

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