Problems with Tuenti in Hotmail

Tuenti is a new and interesting social network, has become very important especially in Spain but in some situations the useres reports mistakes in Hotmail.

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What happens?

Like another social network, Tuenti operat with invitations, for example asomeone friend like to invitate you need to send you a request via email.

Unfortunately the anti-spam filters of Hotmail look the Microsoft Tuenti invitations like spam, for this reason we don’t see the invitations.

We mentioned that Tuenti is a social network with a lot of  spanish people, it is created by Zaryn Dentzel and American engineering student who living now in Spain.

The mistakes and the problems with the filters is because the invitations and the notifications of the social network are going to the spam folder for Hotmail.

The solution to the problem
If you like to see the invitations and the social network notifications in Hotmail we do the following tutorial.
First of all we logg in your Hotmail account.
Then we go to the bottom Options located on the top right of the screen.
After that go to the option contacts

After tha we enter to the window option contact and where it says we’ll we must go to Safe List

Once there go to will in the text box, swen must to add the domain to the insurance mailing list.

Someone thing that departs from the social network Tuenti for example invitations, updates or notifications now we see in your inbox.

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