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Do you ever ask if you can print an e mail directly from hotmail email inbox?

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In the past, print an email could be an very hard task. The people that have this task more easy are the people who had Outlook

Express or another service like Mozilla Thunderbird becasue both programs have a specific function to print.

But printing from your online inbox of Hotmail was something very hard and complex.

In the past it was common that we help us with an intermediate program like as Notepad or Microsoft Word.
The process that we made was copy the mail and after that paste it into your Word document.

Why made this?

We made this because before, hotmail diden’t have a specific function of print, for this reason when we printing from the web browser like as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, we print all the area involved in the inbox, which included the message

The own inbox, advertising, etc.

Now are much improved, because Hotmail still was created a specific button to print the emails.

You enter

Then will go to your inbox

After that we have to open the mail you want to print

At the top we will see a printer icon.

When we make click on it, Hotmail will create a print version (ready for printing) which is just text.

Automatically we look a dialog box on your printer, then we must to choose the option printer, paper type, print quality, and then click the Print button.

Ready, now you can print all your emails, this a very useful tool for all the people who working in offices and need to print reports, orders, sales, consulting, or in your home, you can now print a reminder, an email from a friend or a birthday invitation.

You can also do the same procedure by pressing ctrl + shift + p

Enjoy hotmail

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