Possible error in Hotmail

Hotmail the email service of Microsoft, may have little privacy problems, about the creation of groups on Windows Live, the Hotmail Social Network.

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Apparently the users could view the status and image of people who do not even know to join to this group. However, it has been shown that there is no have problem with privacy about the theme of mail, because for a whole however that you can see, Hotmail and Windows Live groups are totally different services.

The problem will be when a “Spammer” is invited to the group and get to discover the email addresses of users. For this not happen, the administrator of that group would have to invite previously the problematic user.

To protect your privacy, you should think carefully about the safety of any group of Windows Live if you don´t want to finish with the spam new messages every day in your Hotmail inbox.

This small problem in Hotmail should not be worrying but always are new ideas for the user to fall into the trap of misleading advertising by Spam

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