Orkut: the google social network

Orkut is a little thing in comparition to another social networks, if we compared it with Facebook or MySpace is just a very little between giants, but little by little it is becoming very popular between the internet users, on all those who already have a Google account.

Top 5 Best Tutorialss:

With Orkut you can found friends in a very ease way, very easy way to share information, create links and even participate in communities and discuss on current issues or coordinate an schedule online.
You can connect with your old friends from the school or neighborhood is now easier than ever, with the Orkut you coul  be connected to an online social life more easy and also  more fun.

For enjoy Orkut is simply you can enter in the following link http://www.orkut.com/PreSignup
Here you’ll see the steps that will guide you to create your account, after that you just read our Guide to Orkut Login to access with your account.

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