Now you can share pictures on SkyDrive

All the news of features are awesome and always it surprise us, but we give you another feature, it’s the latest thing of the moment, a lot of people and users are using it and also you too.

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What is it?

SkyDrive, is the online storage service from Microsoft, with him you can save and share your image and videos online, and if you like your friends can look in the network the files.

All the people know that Windows Live SkyDrive is an interesting online tool from Microsoft and we can allows up to 25 GB of pictures, videos, files, etc.

All the files from our Hotmail account.

The new is that for Christmas and New Year SkyDrive give you share everything, because your loved ones and your friends can see how you enjoy and use the holidays.

How to share a picture or video on Skydrive?

First of all you must to go to Windows Live Skydrive

If we have already logged on the account (is enough to have a Hotmail account) go to the option “Share”, and after that you must go to the option “Send a link”

Then you must click on the option “to” there, and after that select the users that they want to get your photos or videos.
Finally click in the bottom “Send.”

How to send a presentation

You can send single files with Skydrive and also you can send presentations too, you can use these for example to a present in your work, or like a image gallery, or for your work.


If you are in the Sky Drive
You can go to the opkyDrivetion photos, there you will see the photo albums that you have
After that you can select one of them.
Then click on presentation.

Ready ! you are running an online presentation, this is very good took and interesting too because the people who work with PowerPoint slides can use this tools, and you can save presentations like photo files and play them anywhere with SkyDrive.

Tip: If you like to share a link with many people like a your co workers or next of kin, instead of selecting one of the contacts, you can click on the option Send to a group, this tools will make the link go to all your contacts members of the group.

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