Now Windows Live Messenger for iPhone is available … but not for everyone

The implementation of most popular instant messaging is now available for iPhone 4 from the App Store, but only get to some areas or countries, we say that is not free for everyone.

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Microsoft updates Windows Live Messenger said that for iPhone is available to users in this countries: USA, Canada, UK, France, Holland and Germany, customers in some regions of Belgium can download the application but not use it for now.

Is important to know that Windows Live Messenger as Bing, are in essence, services that are targeted to users around the world, is a bit strange that these are unable to be empowered to users outside these areas.

Obviously there are hundreds of fun applications that can be installed on the iPhone or iPod Touch but if you like to connect with friends and chat from Windows Live Messenger it is one of the most sought things for the users.

With this application you can send instant messages to your friends list, view and comment your pictures and view status updates not only of Windows Live, but also Facebook, Twitter and MySpace all with a twist.

The new version of Messenger for iPhone also includes a pack that allows us to view shared pictures to Flickr users and view YouTube videos.

Any more social
To know all the possibilities of online social network that has Windows Live go to:

Messenger for iPhone application is now compatible with the IOS 4.

If you have any questions or comments about mail service Hotmail or Windows Live Messenger please don´t have any doubt to send us your comments in the form.

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