Now Hotmail allow you attach up 10 Gigabytes

Now the life is easy because Hotmail has expanded the space of the free email storage abouth  the attach a file.

Is true that the storage capacity is big, like an another mailings it are limited, we speak about the    size and the capacity of the file.

In this days and fortunately for many people Hotmail allows only upload up to 25 Mb and also Skydrive has make an upgraded that is a good idea for many people, and their will feel happy.

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In the past you if you like to share a file online that the weighed of  wich was too much for example 50, 100 or 200 mb, you could manage an online applications like a megaupload for example, of course for make this task you have need a zip file to join, and another boring taks and also which was not so easy to use for all the people.

Now Skydrive allowed us attachments to your account with a maximum of 10 gigabyte.

10 Gig, all free, is the beneficts that hotmail give you, are you going to lost? Please don’t waste time and make it now your Hotmail account.

Use the Skydrive space to have a real hard drive online in where you have the possibility to share files, documents, pictures, music and video.

The only thinks that is not good  is that we have to upload files slowly one by one and also they don’t exceed 25 mb, but we listening some rumors that Microsoft is working that the limit will increase three or four times at least.

An interesting thing was for example, if you are registered in Microsoft Skydrive with your Hotmail e mail account and we try to upload only one file that the weight is more than 25 Mb, Microsoft will be asked you to access through Skydrive, because it can upload big files ans larger than size.

With this application Hotmail tries to capture users who was migrated to other e mails like Gmail, who was the first mail service to offer a big and extra largestorage.

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