MSN Games, anything is coincidence

Microsoft announced this morning (Monday, 15 November many new things in the field of social games.

Anything is coincidence, Facebook games are big business, so Microsoft have a new idea and created his own social gaming platform, and brings you the latest edition of MSN Games.

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This new thing brings a set of social games to instant messaging for the users and clients, for example users from Windows Live Messenger but can also be accessed with Bing.

Microsoft should speak with the editor of CrowdStar social gaming, to bring some of the most important titles of the moment, we say that nothing is for the destiny in the world of gaming.

Kevin Unangst, global director for PC and mobile games for Microsoft said:

“MSN Games, Windows Live Messenger and Bing will have millions of users in the end of the month, the concept is to connect all the players in a large virtual world of games, more social, the experience and now is not focus on the greatness of game but in the links that the users was created”

This is what you will see

We should know that this has nothing to do with the thing similar to Windows Phone, Microsoft hopes that the developers create a great applications for users to feel more comfortable in a PC.

Bing is the first platform for Microsoft and it offer Crowstar games, while the Windows Live Messenger will have other publishers like iWin, PopCap, Arkadium, GameHouse, among others.

The new card game is available from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Holland and Turkey.

While other markets may enjoy the games in the end of this year.

At the launch were over 35 social games among which are iFresh “Cubis 2? PopCap and “Plants vs. Zombies.”

A simple note

Google had long planned the release of games in which Google has invested more than $ 100 million in social play, creating an society with Zynga one of the giants of the socialization of the games, but Microsoft is ahead.

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