Microsoft Live@edu

Live@Edu is a free hosting service, and also it provides another tools for example email, and it is based on Microsoft and has tools like this: committed to work through  telecommunications support educational and cultural projects.

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In a few words Microsoft Live@edu is a new e-mail that Microsoft give us, this service includes things like access to a mailbox that have a interface similar to Outlook for PC and have 10 GB of storage and it can be support for PC, cell phones, mobile phones and others.

Also it include the SkyDrive that allow us to share Office files Web Apps and edit it online, and you have a messaging system, a  Live video chat and a lot of things more.

One of the most important thing of Live@edu is that includes access to Office Web Access, it is like an interface of web-based in office, for this reason you  can share a Word document or a files with more than  500 million of users in all the world.

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