Microsoft allows access to another hotmail accounts

In this articles we explain wath is the use of Virtual Post Office it is a service that allows to access to service through any other mail and also you don’t need login in Microsoft. (Login Hotmail).

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Microsoft thought it was a good idea start to provide many services that others have since years, one example is the case of Google that lets you link any email to your Gmail virtual deck.

Now if we like use Hotmail we can’t access to your mail account from Hotmail inbox, a thing that impressed so much because Microsoft remained always very suspicious the idea of give free services to another company.

Dick Craddock, is the group manager of Windows Live Hotmail developers, and he said that this deployment will be a very simple and useful,  the company had many problems when it change the way and they store and search for new email.

After the first experience of management, the Hotmail users can be sure that everything runs smoothly.

The downside is that Microsoft gets with this offer years after Google launched something similar with its Gmail service.

This is a smart move by Microsoft because they know that the management of global electronic mail is not always profitable for all companies, but Microsoft feels able to analyze, manage all the content of advertising, also the spam and all the kind of e-mail accounts.

But Microsoft have a problem it is that while Yahoo Mail interface can be very good, Gmail is still and an example about terms of ease and use, but Microsoft has begun a little to close the things between the features provided by Google and that Microsoft now provides.

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