Messenger Paradise

Is a program designed to decorate our Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger, this program works separately we could be use Windows Live Messenger in a directly form, without to download programs, required to use the operating system Windows and Windows Live Messenger.

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Messenger Paraiso

This is a compilation of all those “extras” for our Messenger, we may find it, in an orderly and classified form, best of all, the installation is pretty easy.

Messenger Paradise Features:

* Allows connection of two or more users simultaneously
* You can create and modify our emoticons.
* It has compatibility with other instant messaging services like AOL and Yahoo.
* You can create nicknames and fun phrases.
* To contact our windows, it has several funds that have an automatic instalation.
* We can know if a user is connected or not.
* It has a size of 352 Kb
* The download is free.
* You can play with our contacts through the game launcher
* You can change the avatars in the online form and adding effects to your images in Messenger.
* You can also create text avatars.
* Also you can incorporate free winks and muggins.
* Allows the rotation of our Messenger avatars so that they change from time to time.
* Detects also who deleted you Messenger.

Because after installing it is probably that our Messenger is full of emoticons and wallpapers the new Messenger Paradise allow us make a clean sweep of those extras, and save the most special to us.

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