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Read, write, send and receive emails now is as easy as when you do it from your PC. In an easy and practic way you can acced to a Mobile interface, allowing your cellphone to become a complete system of emails, calendar, files, photos, videos and social networks.

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How is it possible?

Due to Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync` technology the mobile telephone is synchronized with your email account, in this way you will have your inbox data online and also in the mobile telephone.

For example you can write an email in your PC, at the end of your working day, and then when you are going to your house you remember that you didn`t send it, so there is no problema, you can send it or even modify it directly from your cellphone.

How to reach to Hotmail?

Look for the email`s icon in the options or main configurations of your mobile, generally they figure with an icon of Messenger, being this an envelope or something that makes reference to the Mobile e-mail.

Do a click on Windows Live Hotmail

Log in with your Windows Live ID account, if you do not have one you will have to go to to sign in.

Ready, you can just check your email wherever whenever.

You can also do it going directly to this link:

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