Know the Hotmail Alias. Organizes all your accounts in one place

Recently, Hotmail made a pretty nifty new tool for managing e-mail and Windows Live profile all in one place. The tool is called “Alias” and that’s how it works:

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We joined our hotmail account. In the Input option you will see that by passing the cursor over a different color appears and the icon of a gear, well, hotmail has added options there. Click on the entry and see the following menu.

The process of creating an alias is simple, just click on the Alias option and once there you put a name that identifies you such as your name or a pseudonym.

How is this different from creating a new hotmail email account?

Are different things, you can have an alias or not, and can have a hotmail account. You can have as many email accounts you want and do not have aliases. The alias is like a common denominator, or rather a concatenation tool that allows us to combine the accounts.
Imagine for a moment that we have:

The personal email account
An account of work
An email from the school that is not hotmail
A couple of accounts but are not official

With the alias, we can unite all these accounts and control all from a single inbox without losing the independence of the other accounts.

With hotmail you can answer everyone right away. Imagine that you are about to leave work and you have to send notifications of the last meeting but you also have to send an email to your personal friends, do not waste time with the alias you can do all of the same mailbox.

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