Keep in contact with the people that you care thanks to WLM

Windows Live Messenger continues being the best online communications tool.

Although more Technologies apear into scene, they always ends placing next to Windows Live Messenger.

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This is ought to the fact that the users fo all over the world have already adapted Windows Live Messenger as the instant Messenger by chance,version by version the users choose more and more to use the Messenger which has generated an incredible confidence to this aplication.

Now Windows Live Messenger allows you to be always connected, to let you keep in touch with the people to most care like your family, your friends, work Group, customers, etc.

You can talk in real time throw video calls, now you can even see the social updates from your friends directly in the messenger.

It is great, a friend of you send a new link in his/her wall or makes a comment in your Facebook`s wall, and you are noticing about it at the time, or you can directly chat with the friends that are connected on Facebook.

Which are the news of Messenger?

First of all, it is easier to use, its interface is much more friendly, you can also personalize the screen to show groups of users or to order them by online status.

You can also know about the connection status, telecomunications have gotten better, the video cal lis much better than past versions.

Moreover if you have a good webcam you can stablish a video call in HD.

You can share photos and videos in real time. As an example you copy the url of an image from internet and automatically the image apears on the screen, your friend or contact doesn`t need to go to the link, he/she directly see the content in the conversation`s window, the same happens with the videos from Youtube, you even play them!!!

This was something that was missing from Microsoft for the users, but finally you have the conversations in labels. As web browsers, you have only one window, and within it many conversations saparated by tabs.

If you want to have an independent window for each conversation, you can do it, you have to go to MSN options.

Games, social updates and new privacy configurations are others of the points of the new Windows Live Messenger 2011.

If you want to download the new Windows Live Messenger click here – Direct link to Microsoft`s servers.

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The new Messenger 2011 allows you to be connected 24 hours, 7 days of the week, keep yourself always online.

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