How to use the new features of the new Windows Live Messenger 2011

Finally after a few trials were launched Windows Live Essentials Pack 2011 a suite that includes many consumer applications within which stands the familiar Windows Live Messenger or MSN, we should say you that this package is only available to users Windows Vista and Windows 7 and you can download the official website of Windows Live.

Top 5 Best Tutorialss:

Now the most popular chat software in the world has new features such as live video editing, with better connectivity for friends and family and a friendly integration between wireless instant messaging and social networks like Facebook or Twitter, you can add photos and videos to share high definition while you are chatting with and connect to social networks directly from the messenger.

Also, it have a new design environment where Microsoft make a advertising with easy tips and the panel display suitable for all movement in your social network.
Some of the best things include:
Find and add friends
Import many friends
Dial a friend as favorite
Sending messages online
Web Connection Microsoft with extra services
Update or block social updates
Adding more image to show
Chat from the Hotmail inbox
Leave a message in video format
Play in the Social Games

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