How to Use the Hotmail Word Checker

For all the people who like to write directly to the Hotmail inbox, this have a feature that allows to correct automatically while we typing or also after we write or check in search of a misspelling.

Top 5 Best Tutorialss:

If you don´t have a powerful text editor such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice we can have with the services of Hotmail to write freely without spelling mistakes.

Windows Live Hotmail offers this spelling among its tools without clutch makes it known so that users miss this great building.

We will see the steps to check an email recently written spelling:

We will click on the Spelling icon located on the toolbar.

After that you can see how poorly written the words displayed on stressed, Right click on the word and select the desired alternative or omit the error.

Unfortunately for the people who use Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome this option can not be used.

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