How to upload files with Live Hotmail

Cloud computing has been around a long time, but is only now that it is making profitable better because of the great advances in the computer security.

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In the following article we will see a tutorial about how to easily upload files to a Live Hotmail account, this kind of services allows us to have a virtual hard disk, which you can be accessed from anywhere in the world just to have a Internet browser and an Internet connection.

This service is called Microsoft Windows Sky Drive.

The most important thing is that you can access in this system from your Hotmail account, for this reason you must have an account and also log each time you use it.
At this time the free hosting space that provides Windows users to Sky Drive is 25 GB
To upload files you must do the following steps:
First of all Log into Hotmail.
Then let Windows Sky Drive.
Select Upload Files.

Finally recall that we can create folders and subfolders.

Once we do click on the browse button you must select one or more files to upload.

When we are in the inbox of the tray Sky Live will see the menu Add Files link, after we click here we are redirected to another page where we must choose the folder where the files are uploaded, but if in there aren´t folders, you can look the root folder called My Documents.

Here we see a flash application that allows you to choose and upload files,  is important say that the maximum weight per single file is limited to 50 mb.

We can also move up to five files at once, if you wants the number of files to be uploaded at a time will be unlimited, you need to integrate an ActiveX plugin for your web browser.

If the plugin does not load due to problems of incompatibility with the browser or something else, you can click on the link page standard load five in wich we see five boxes to select five files and give maximum load.

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