How to unsubscribe…

When we use our Hotmail email account for web entertainment you usually use it to give us somewhere news, music, forum or anything else that requires an email  account to continue the process.

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But sometimes we use it only for a little time but the subscription remains, and we start to get one and another or many email with publicity, advertising and information that you don´t really care.
As you can see, you can show or learn how to unsubscribe in the e mail hotmail account in the following tutorial.
The new version of Hotmail inbox has the power to remove o delete a subscription in a very easy and quick, because you will only take a couple of seconds to stop receiving unnecessary emails.
In the following steps you can see how to remove:
First of all We joined our Hotmail account.
Then Let inbox
After that you must select an email that comes from a place or forum to which we subscribe
Then we go to the menu at the in the top of the screen you must select the “Unsubscribe”
This option is new in Hotmail, now this option automatically detects when a mail is sent or when sent by an ordinary user.
Finally after a few seconds you will see a message saying they no longer receive emails from this link.

This task is very easy, always keep in touch with Hotmail Login to have the most and best tutorial on Hotmail and Messenger.

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