How to Solving a problem of opening Hotmail from Messenger

Many people can not open the email from Hotmail Messenger. Now I’ll explain how to solve this problem:

1) We click on the Start button, then Run, and then we paste the following “regsvr32 Softpub.dll” (without quotation marks) and then put agree. (Done)

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2) Another option coul be in changing the number 17 15.

3) In IE, you can be done to Tools-> Internet Options-> Advanced, disable HTTP1.1

4) Now you must pass to Messengr the best updated antivirus and antispyware

5) It also removes all cookies or crackers (LOL): Tools / Internet Options / Delete Cookies …

6) Now we reinstall the Internet Explorer

7) We Restore the Values

Internet Options -> Advanced options and click below to restore defaults.

8) Try to Mozilla Firefox to open it from the MSN if you use the stuffplus do click in the open hotmail inbox.

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